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Virtual Engagement

Title: GRCMP Virtual Engagement Series

Owner: Chelsea Semiklose

Purpose: To create a series of activities that include learning and networking opportunities that connect team members to each other across the globe. 

Goal: To increase team engagement across the program and globe, as result productivity will increase. As a global program working in a virtual atmosphere, we can get disconnected from each other. The goal is to eliminate that and draw people to engage and connect with one another. 

Other potential outcomes: Raises awareness regarding various collaboration tools within the Google platform. 

Due Date: Ongoing 

Virtual Engagement Series - Coffee Hour 


Coffee hour is a monthly 45 min engagement event centered around teaching, connecting, and recognizing fellow team members and co-workers; and finding resources we didn't know existed. 


Topic Ideas:

  • Ask/Meet the Experts ft. Workstream Lead/Project Manager/OCM/CT member or a special guest

  • Share Collaboration Tools - Working Better Together, Smartsheets

  • Running Effective Virtual Meetings - Tips and Tricks 

  • Engagement in Virtual Atmosphere - How to engage through a screen

  • Networking Hour - Meet your fellow team members 

  • Virtual Field Trip - Site tours throughout the upcoming visits


Next Steps: Create calendar invites and replicate engagements to best coordinate with timezones. 

Concerns/Future Watchouts: Program changes are causing a halt in activities, be sure to keep the momentum going.

Virtual Engagement Calendar.PNG
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