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Hi! I'm Chelsea

Oh my gosh! Where to begin!? Born in Charleston, South Carolina raised in Effingham, South Carolina. Yeah, that's one of those places with one stoplight, a post office, a garbage dump, and (don't forget) a jail. Super exciting, right? I passed high school with flying colors. Got accepted to my dream college. And then had the worst year of my life. I found my mom in the kitchen faced down and passed out with a broken neck. I thought I lost her. Then, sitting in the student lounge off and away at college, I learned my father was getting laid off. Here I am bright-eyed and excited that I made it out of my hometown yet my world was crashing all around me.

I firmly believe this was my introduction to resilience and learning how to overcome challenges as I continued my journey through college and into the workforce. I had learned a valuable lesson early on that many do not, that there is no guarantee in life. I continue to learn and strive through the good and the bad. Despite my rocky introduction to college I bounced back and graduated college. During my time in college I didn't just attend to attend, I went to learn and experience as much as I possibly could. I joined the Student Government Association, Kappa Delta Sorority and became an Orientation Leader. Before the end of senior year I was offered to relocated to California by Jami DeBrango Paumblo, the President of Roche Carolina to join her team as a Communication Manager. Helping her internally manage and communicate with her global team across the world.


It was through Jami that I was introduced to Denise Hummel, CEO and Founder of Lead Inclusively, Inc. At a time of transition Denise reached out to me and asked me to be a founding member of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion firm. A company that has evolved into a technology firm supporting and enabling leaders to practice inclusive behaviors, building and fostering an innovative and inclusive workforce. Now being in a 100% remote position I moved back to the East Coast. While San Diego is pretty, it just wasn't home. Like many other companies we faced our struggles at the beginning and throughout the pandemic. Accounts froze in preparation of the economic fallout that no one was sure was coming or not. All team members took pay cuts and several of us had to find other means to survive. I watched (as did many others) as friends and family were laid off and other business close down completely. Thankfully, I was able to secure a short term contracts with several companies. Through that journey I was recruited to join the Lynton team as a Customer Success Manager supporting their custom integration projects and leading clients to success.

In Short

I am small town girl who likes to go big. A go-getter at heart who has mastered the art of communication, time management, and productivity. 

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