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Denise Pirrotti Hummel, CEO of RevWorks

For the past three and half years, Chelsea has been the other half of my brain. If she didn't know (which is rare!) she finds out. She tackles and executes. It's been a wonderful journey to have her on my team.


Robb Pike, President at Peak Coaching and Training Solutions

Chelsea attended one of my training sessions and did one on one training for several months. If anyone "gets" it, it's Chelsea. She sees what needs to be done and she creates and the path to achieving anything. You would be extremely luckily to have her on your team and with your company.


Jami DeBrango Palumbo, SVP, Operations, Foundation of Medicine

I've known Chelsea before she graduated from college. She was an associate in our communications department when I was the President of Roche Carolina and she has always been willing to learn and lean into opportunities. It has been incredible to watch her grow.


Melisa Meral,
Founder of Make SHT Happen LLC.

Chelsea knows how to bring a unique and logical perspective to the table. She processes, thinks, consults/questions and then proposes. If anyone can make it work, it's Chelsea.


Aditya Chinnareddy, VP of Technology RevWorks

Chelsea's ability to see the picture while keeping the team focused and motivated has been a unique and fresh prespective. It's been absolutely great to work with her. She is incredibly detailed orientated and focused.


Suzan Orrico, Grant Manager, Francis Marion University

Even if she doesn't know how she will figure it out and excel at it! I've never meet some one that can learn and adapt as well as she. She never misses a step! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

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