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As a communication manager for a global regulatory project that involved communicating to thousands of individuals the technical changes that would be taking place in various projects. Working with the Project Sponsor, Head of Communications, and Change Management, I and three other individuals created communication tools and resources for change agents to utilize. I also patterned with the Project Sponsor on creating a communication strategy and presentation strategy. We traveled around the world to delivered those communications as well as used innovative measures to engage and communicate the changes that were to take place.

Virtual Engagement Series 

GRCMP Presentation Schedule

Before joining GRCMP, I was a Public Relations Associate for Roche Carolina, in Florence, SC. It's there that I began my professional career in communications. As the Public Relations Associate, I reported directly to the Head of Communications and the President. Creating and generating content and communications for the company. 

New Year's Eve Post

Jamie DeBrango Palumbo, President of Roche

Diversity and Inclusion Article

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Genentech, Julius Pryor

Breast Cancer Awareness Digital Campaign

No Shave November Digital Campaign

Designed and launched Roche Carolina Intranet

Additional Professional Writing and Communication

Donor Thank You Letter

Hobcaw Barony

Prevent Child Abuse America Press Release

Pro Gear Blog Post

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